www.africamagic.tv/bbvote – Steps To Vote For Big Brother Naija Housemates

www.africamagic.tv/bbvote – is the official website where you can cast your votes online to nominate your favorite Big Brother Naija Housemates. With just few megabytes of your data, you can stand a chance to Vote for free for more than 100 times a single eviction in the Big Brother Naija audition.

The best way to Vote your favorite Big Brother Naija Housemates is to vote online. But for does who do not have an android device to browse the internet, you can also vote via SMS or via the Mobile Site.

Votes on the mobile site are limited to 100 votes per user. Mobile votes are free.

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Steps To Vote For Big Brother Naija Housemates

in order to keep your favorite Big Brother Naija Housemates, you need to register first, and to do that all you need is:

  1. Visit www.africamagic.tv/bbvote
  2. On the homepage, Tap on the “REGISTER” button and then enter your active mobile phone number and choose your password.www.africamagic.tv/bbvote - Steps To Vote For Big Brother Naija Housemates
  3. Now, press Continue to proceed.
  4. Next, you will receive an SMS with an OTP sent to you. kindly input the OTP in the Space provided to complete the registration process.
  5. Once done, proceed to the login form and enter your Login details to cast your vote.

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www.africamagic.tv/bbvote – Online Voting Guides

  1. Now, to cast your vote online:
  2. Go to BB Naija Voting page at africamagic.tv/bbvote
  3. Sign in using your Login details
  4. Select your Favourite Housemate from the Options Provided
  5. Type in the number of votes
  6. After that, press the VOTE section to cast your vote.

For online voting, you cast up to 200 VOTES! that’s 100 votes if you use the mobile site on your phone and another 100 if you vote using your laptop or desktop computer.


www.africamagic.tv/bbvote Offline Voting Guides

For offline Voting, You can use the SMS option to vote. All you have to do is – Just text your favorite “Housemate name to 32052”. Ensure you type the name of the housemate you want to keep in the house. Example: VOTE ESE to 32052. N30 per SMS, no free SMS’s.


  1. SMS Voting cost 30 only for each vote you send
  2. Data charges apply
  3. Voting will always open straight after the nomination shows
  4. Don’t forget to use an international format for your cell phone number e.g (+2348102922345)

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69 thoughts on “www.africamagic.tv/bbvote – Steps To Vote For Big Brother Naija Housemates

  1. Kaitlyn Fay says:

    I would like to vote

    • Ogah Christian says:

      I can’t vote and I can’t even register to keep my Alex alive in the house !!!! I don’t want anything to happen to her in the house oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!”

  2. Kaitlyn Fay says:

    Wanting to vote

  3. No OTP was sent to my mobile number. And now, I cannot even vote. And i cannot even re-register. I first tried to vote via SMS, but it couldn’t go. I’m not happy seriously. I’ve been crying all day. It’s unfair.

  4. love bamteddy,just cant get over their so real relationship.#team teddy a

  5. when you ask for website which one do you want?and are my comments going into screen?coz thats what i want

  6. OTP is not sent, I ve tried & tried. Pls do something about this. I really want to cast my vote. Thanks

  7. Madness dey worry Una! It’s either Teddy A or no more Big Brother in Nigeria again. I will personally work on the the bill to stop it in my office, National Assembly.

  8. Darling okis says:

    No matter wat, am voting for Alex to stay

  9. Darling okis says:

    Alex for d money

  10. Alex for de mula

  11. Sonde Maryam says:

    I want to cast my vote since yesterday but all my efforts prove abortive because it was unsuccessful attempt while I have registered before and do cast my vote always. Please do something to make it successful for me to be able to cast my vote before it close on Thursday.

  12. I want to vote for Teddy A and bambam. I hv tried to register severally but is not working I only vote through sms. I want to also be voting online admin pls help

    • They had unilaterally​ concluded to deny all the Teddy A and Bambam fans access to vote. This is called ojoro disenfranchisement. Stupid people! It’s either Dstv or nothing my foot!!

  13. No Miracle no bbnaija!!! Miracle for the money

  14. Nina is not going anywhere BBNAIJA


  16. I ve been trying to register but it’s not working I need help please

  17. sixtus emeka says:

    pls admin i have tried several times yet no opt code sent what incompetence is this africamagic i want to vote plssss

  18. am voting for my baby girl alex, my one and only crush in #BBnaija , alex all d way ….

  19. violet agbani says:

    miracle! miracle!! miracle….i give u my vote a million times enjoy dear ur head fits d crown!!😍

  20. violet tembo mshani says:

    I love miracle so very much and he is the winner for 2018 bb naija

  21. selina munatsi says:

    Alex for the millions!!!

  22. Pls how can I register, so I can cast my vote

  23. Iam voting for my girl ceec…bbnaija….haters u ar stupid…..suamA

  24. No it’s was sent n I really want to vote for Alex

  25. No OTP was sent to my mobile number

  26. pls I want to vote online but I couldn’t register why…

  27. Upgraded gold says:

    Miracle all the way. Alex my bae#team miralex

  28. Micheal miyanda says:

    I vote for lulu our boy should remain for the mura

  29. Micheal miyanda says:

    vote luuuuuuuuuuuuuuulu

  30. Micheal miyanda says:


  31. Lonia ndap katewa says:


  32. Vote cee.c

  33. Pls just because of a game someone insulted Cee-C ‘s father by saying her so called father didn’t get her glases since he is rich and am here to tell the person that I don’t know Cc from anywhere but am gonna speak for her right now since the person has lost his/her memory ‘May you never be rich in you entire life and May you generation (s) never fnd luv.Amen

  34. BB winner alexxxxxx alexxxx

  35. oeme morupisi says:

    cee cee,cee,cee,cee,cee,cee,cee,cee,cee,cee

  36. Olaniyan bose says:

    No Otp was sent to my number oooooo

  37. Nwafor Marinwa says:

    Pls why can’t I vote again with my phone…is telling me unsuccessful login….what’s the meaning of that? You guys don’t want to vote via online..you want SMS only shey?…Please do something ASPA…

  38. Cikizwa Mgijima says:

    I cannot vote. I’ve been trying to register in vain. I want to vote for my Alex

  39. Want to vote for my Alex but can’t register.plz help

  40. Okuniyirukayatidowu says:

    Miracle for the vote

  41. Am voting for the realest girl in the house Alex unusual

  42. Mildred phiri says:

    Help me I need to vote for Alex

  43. Efeozor mercy says:

    Am voting for miracle…he deserves the money for his future family and his career…he is a great guy cool and calm..in future i will name my child miracle.. Me and my family vote for miracle

  44. Efeozor mercy says:

    My vote goes to miracle…miracle for d money e

  45. Jude chijioke says:

    Vote miracle

  46. my vote goes to alexxxxxxx garl for the money

  47. alexxxxxxx for the money. .give it to alexxxxxxx

  48. big brother should give alexxxxxxx something for performing a good job of the HOH it’s not easy the moods in the house.

  49. I pity Mina and cecee behavior. especially Nina.

  50. Alex for the money we die here now. .be strong few more days to go

  51. aleexxxxx Zambia loves you. u really a good person

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