British Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Online Application Form For Commonwealth Countries – Apply Here

British Army Recruitment 2018 – Are you ready to the Britain Army? Do you have all it takes to join the Britain army? Then read the guide below to see how to apply for British Army Recruitment 2018 Application Form. We are pleased to inform the general public and all interested applicant that the British Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Online Application Form For Commonwealth Countries is now out Online.

The British Army is the principal land warfare force of the United Kingdom; It is the third-largest public sector employer in the UK by some employees (125,430). Comprising of over 80,000 trained regular personnel and just over 26,500 trained reserve personnel.

The British Army is actively engaged in operational duties across the globe; such responsibilities range from peacekeeping to providing humanitarian aid, from enforcing anti-terrorism measures to helping combat the international drugs trade.


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We have received lots of series of requests from people on different platforms trying to know how legit this rumour is regarding the Recruitment form. Calm down and read this article carefully, as it is going to guide you through the

Please note that the British Army Recruitment 2018 Registration Form is now online, and here are the requirements involved.

Eligibility For British Army Recruitment 2018

  • All Applicants must be of or member of the commonwealth countries
  • Must be of age in line from 18-47 years
  • All Applicants must be physically and mentally fit.

Eligible Regions

  • Open to all Commonwealth Countries.


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Educational Qualification

Applicants must be enrolled in a recognised Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree programme, and most cases should have at least two years left of their course. At the Commanding Officer’s discretion those who are at Postgraduate level but are considering careers in the military, or have evidence of the pursuit of further education once they have completed their current course, may be considered.

Documents Required For British Army Recruitment

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Driving License if held (both parts)
  • Cheque book
  • All Bank details – Account Number and Sort Code for payment
  • Naturalisation certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of blood group (if held)
  • Two passport type photographs
  • Student Union Card
  • National Insurance Card (or NI number if known)
  • NHS Card (or NHS number if known)

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Steps To Apply For British Army Recruitment 2018

Here are few steps on how to go about your online application or British army registration form. So adhere to the instructions below, if indeed you want to have a successful account registration:

1. Visit the official British Army Recruitment portal HERE

2. Carefully fill the registration form by entering your details see image below

3. Once done click on the SUBMIT button to Successfully Apply for the 2018 British army registration form.

If you have any question about the British Army Recruitment 2018 Registration Form, Kindly make use of the comment box to let us know, and we all help you out. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp etc.

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68 thoughts on “British Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Online Application Form For Commonwealth Countries – Apply Here

  1. I’m interested to join the British Army..

  2. I want to become a British Army..

  3. When will the application close???

  4. kevin acherukut says:

    i have been trying to apply but the problem is the application form requires one to be in UK yet am in uganda. the form is asking about your expiry date for your visa so i need more information about it.

  5. Anthony Agbenu says:

    Am I suppose to live in UK before I join the military

  6. Anthony. Agbenu says:

    Is the recruitment still ongoing for the Commonwealth country


    I am From India..can i apply from here..but when i started filling form they are asking for the visa details…plz tell me what to do know

  8. seresio sauduadua rokotogalevu says:

    the application says that you need to live in the uk for 5 years

  9. henry kipkemboi says:

    i can come and live in uk for five years if i get funs

  10. Hi if u apply for 2018 do u join 2019??

  11. well you are saying we can apply from outside of uk as a common wealth citizen but online unable to submitt application they are saying that give your visa details of uk and residence details of uk so how can we submitt our application for british army kindly inform

  12. I’m interested in joining the British army

  13. I’m interested in joining the British l supposed to have a sponsor who is living from the UK??

  14. Orfeo Nelson says:


  15. Orfeo Nelson says:


  16. Adi Unisi Yabaki says:

    Is the recruitment for the common wealth country still going on?????

  17. James Mwangi Ng'aNg'a says:

    Am interested to be an army soldier in ur country.

  18. James Mwangi Ng'aNg'a says:

    Can i joined in army.

  19. Hey,I’m ateca..I would like to apply for the British Army

  20. Kayando Lincoln gran says:

    Good afternoon I would like to join the British army, so am leaving a comment here .

  21. Kavin Morrison says:

    I am having a problem when applying at the part that says TITLE. it keep on saying the title is empty, how can I correct that?

  22. HI when’s the deadline date of 2018 / 2019 applying for the army

  23. Micheal Mwangi says:

    I am interested to join, but I am currently based in Kenya which is a Commonwealth country.
    Please help.


    I’d like to join too

  25. Badu Yeboah Samuel says:

    Please I am in Ghana and want to apply into the British army but I am not getting access to the application form so please help me out.

  26. Russell Fenuku says:

    Please i’m Ghanaian and want to join the British Army.. when does the application close?

  27. Mohamed Sheriff Tarawalie says:

    I am 28 years old and I am Sierra Leonnean. l am a Diploma holder in building and civil engineering.

  28. joseph malededong says:

    i dont why i cannot access the application form can anyone aid me ?

  29. Fredddie Moses Simkonda says:

    from Malawi, how can i join ,
    is it possible even if i have never been in UK

    • Yes it is possible, but all you need to do is to read the requirements and then if you are eligible. You can apply

      • fred Simkonda says:

        alright thanks alot. am going to start the application now. when is the deadline.

      • fred Simkonda says:

        i have opened an account and i have started the application, process, but am having a problem on the first step (eligibility check), were you are required to indicate whether am a British citizen or not, and my religion. after finishing selecting the two options, am failing to submit and continue. its giving me something like “save failed, see client validation errors”
        help please

    • with much willing and interest I would like to join but am having hiccups in terms of region….

  30. Am interested to join the Army

  31. Olagbaju olusola says:

    Can wat to be with my people in amy

  32. I am interested…..I would like to be enlisted into the British army force

  33. Avetaia Rokosake says:

    I am interested…..I want to be enlisted into the british army

  34. Iroka Enyinnaya says:

    I what to join the British army but the problem is I’m a Nigeria guy how can I join it please i need your help.

  35. Cecere Titoko says:

    Iam interested in joining the british army

  36. Aron Victor Chun says:

    Hello i live in Belize Central America can join british army

  37. Aron Victor Chun says:

    Hello my name is Aron Victor Chun i live in Belize Central America i would lile to join the british army

  38. Bula!!..

    Im Ratumaiyale, from Fiji. part of the application requires the applicant to be residing in The UK for at least 5yrs prior to the application. Is there another application form specifically for Common wealth country applicants who wih to joint the British army.


  39. NDI EUGIN ATOH says:

    Hello im NDI from Cameroon am i eligible for the application and please i need directives

  40. Wycliffe omondi says:

    I want to Join the army group


    I would like to be part of British Army

  42. I’m Paul Clerk and want to join the British army

  43. Bula,
    I am intrested to join the British Army

  44. I would like to join the army please kindly consider my request

  45. Request to join us army

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    I wish to join British Amy

  47. Hey. I’m from India. Just wanted to know is it a pre requisite for the applicant to be residing in the UK for 5years? Because I’m india right now and just read about the recruitment. Can I apply for the British army?Reply ASAP, in dire need of a career in the forces. Thank you.

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